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Hi 2016 ! This is my first post in this blog for 2016 . I'v deleted all the old posts and create this new post. Enjoy!

It's been a long time since I left this blog. Because of what? I'm using only my phone to online and can't update my blog on phone. I didn't use my laptop for quite a long time, only for school works, not for online. So today I feel like want to "renew" my blog and " turn over a new leaf " * what's the relationship haaa? * hahaha okay whatever . 2015 of course no time laa to update blog, SPM SPM ! Ahaa, the picture above was me and my classmates. That was the day we received our SPM results after over 2 months waiting. Well, none of us got straight A's but the highest was Naja, she got 8A's ! Congratesss ! And congratulations to me and others too . We did the best already so...accept the results lah even though I'm the one who cried like what -.- HAHAHAHA frust babe ~ but now I'm okay, and I thought my result wasn't THAT bad, yahh. Okay, forget about the results. Let's talk about CRUSH! Hahahaha enough of speaking. Mari memartabatkan Bahasa Melayu kita. XD

But still want to speaking lah aiyaa hahahaha . Okay, I have this one boy who I adore so much . Minat sangat laa nii . Dia handsome, tinggi tu tak lah tinggi sangat, average height for men gitchuw ~ so I "stalked" him everyday when I was still studying in secondary school . HAHAHA zaman SPM k main crush crush ni ade ke patut . XD
Then until batch 98 "graduated" from secondary school, still not contacting him yet, I was like... segan you know nak contact . Hee . I got his phone number from his best best friend . And I saved his number for nearly 2 months without trying to contact HAHAHA segan katakan. Then around new year lah, got courage to talk to him * chatting k * and he is totally nice ! You know, sporting ah people said? HAHAHA memang sporting giler. But only in chats lah, he said kalau face to face, he can faint. LOL. He said he was afraid of girls, not that kind of afraid to death but segan bak kata orang lah . Pemalu lah senang cerita hahaha . Okay so I pun gemar mengusik dia oleh kerana dia pemalu sangat kan . :3 Both of us also shared each other's stories, problems and whatsoever . He's a good listener, and also gave good advice to me . While me, don't know how to advice people, only can pujuk lohh . XD

So after so many conversations between us, apa orang cakap, makin suka haa . HAHAHA mati la ayee kalau kawan kawan baca ni, sah kena BASH . Whatever lah . I chat him everyday, EVERYDAY . One day, I thought, asyik aku je tegur? Asyik aku je mula dulu? Those thoughts melintasi kepala otak . So I tried Window Escape . Nanti I explain apa tu Window Escape . And berkesan, he looked for me . But perhaps he read my moment on WeChat lah kan that's why suddenly sent an emoji . HAHA  then I was happy lah, ternyata dia cari . And that only HAPPENED ONCE . ONLY ONCE . When I tried that method again, he was like dapat tangkap apa aku punya intentions * cewah * . Jadi aku pun terdetik di hati nak move on . Hmm move on laa jugak lepastu patah balik . Bengong ahaksss :* Few days dia tak tegur, aku pun segan dah laa kan nak tegur dia lagi . Aku biarkan . Let It Go ~ * nyanyi lak * . Em lepastu beberapa hari ni macam dulu balik hahaha KLMJ tau . Agaknya effect dia demam, dia tetiba panggil SAYANG . HAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA help me . Time tu kan rasa macam ada bunga api dalam hati . Maka, senamrobik pun bermula . XP

See? Orang baru nak move on, dia mai pulak dahh . HAHAHA . Fell in love again k . Parohhh lagunii . XD
Emm malaih nak bercerita panjang ni, lain kali lah pulok update yer . Kalau berkesempatan hehe .
Adios fellas !

WINDOW ESCAPE is a method that gives chances to your crush/boyfriend/girlfriend to "go away" from you. I mean, peluang untuk dia pergi atau stay dengan kita lah . Like this, you try to ignore him for a few days or a few hours ( hahaha not possible kannn ) . Then see if he/she looks for you . Tengok sama ada dia cari kita ataupun tidak . If he/she LOOKS FOR YOU, that means you're IMPORTANT to him/her . If not, then pandai pandai kamu lah pikior ye . Tapi see lah if relevant or not . If he didn't look for you for some reasonable excuses, then still boleh diterima lah . Ni kalau last seen pun yesterday nak kata dia tak cari . Online pun tidak -.-" 
KLMJ is Kenangan Lalu Mengusik Jiwa - for those who didn't know lah hahaha - 

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